My daily bus ride By Caleb Kim

So, if you want to know about the road conditions to my school read on….  (Read Caleb’s Story in PDF)

Early Work

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So, Eliana and I start the day by getting up at 5:50am. When my alarm goes off (Which at the time I do not want to happen) we force ourselves out of bed and begin to get dressed. We have an hour till we need to be out of the door. After we get dressed we go to have breakfast. For breakfast we usually have corn flakes or fruit bread. After that we brush our teeth. By then mum has made up our lunches so we pack them into our bags. Our lunch’s consists of a bag of popcorn, a packet of biscuits, two pieces of fruit, home made pizza and two pancakes. Then mum unlocks the door so we can put our shoes on. By then it is quarter to six. Finally when we out the door with mum or dad it is ten to six.              

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Working Work

We start our walk down to the main road.  First, we go down a very steep hill. Our house is on a hill. Going down the hill, it takes about five minutes to get to the bottom of the hill. That was the not easy part of the walk. It takes another ten minutes to get to the main road. At least its all flattish land (: Sometimes the bus is already waiting for us other times we have to wait a few minutes for it to come.

Bus Work

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Once we have got onto the bus we go straight for a bit then we turn a sharp left very fastly because the driver is always going fast on the small school bus. About five minutes later we are approaching a very very very very very steep hill even steeper than the one at home sometimes the driver either goes normal speed or really fast. When we get to the bottom of the hill the driver picks up speed then we suddenly go shooting up the also very very very very very steep hill then, depending the day there is a fork in the road so we ether go right or left. We have about 10 more minutes to go until we get to school. This is the more peaceful part of the road and it is pretty much flat, yay. There are lots of butchers along this road and I hate looking at raw meat. We are almost at school. I can see the gates of the school right next to our school. Ooh we are there! We stumble out of the school bus; we are finally at school. It has taken us nearly one hour on the bus and we do this every school day.

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